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    College Bound vs. Skilled Training?


    Are you a high school student deciding between a four year degree, a two year degree, a technical school, or other post high school training? If you’re a high school student trying to decide on a career path, the Northern Tier Career Center might be just the thing for you! Check out the career choice video at the following link!




    Welcome to Sullivan County High School,
    Home of the Griffins! 
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    Art Show Results
    1st place – $125 prize: Zoe Pedro
    2nd place – $100 prize: Colton Pretti
    3rd place – $75 prize: Emily Geist
    4th place – $50 prize: Paige Burke
    5th place – $25 prize: Kyler Burke
    6th place – $25 prize: Colby Heaton
    7th place – $25 prize: Chris Hill
    8th place – $25 prize: Karlee Wettlaufer
    9th place – $25 prize: Kailee Vest
    10th place – $25 prize: Lyndsay Smith
    Choice of Show: Zoe Pedro - "Rehoboth", Watercolor Painting
    Taylor Bottiglieri

    Student of the Month highlights

    Enjoy the Winter Concert! Click here for the Video!  
    Sullivan County High School is located in Laporte, PA. It is a 7-12 building, with just under 300 students.
    For more information about Sullivan County High School, please call the office at 570-946-7001, or email the principal at pietedwa@sulcosd.k12.pa.us.
    749 South Street; Laporte, PA 18626
    Tel. 570-946-7001
    41º 25' 11" North 76º 29' 85" West Elev. 2040'
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