Mrs. Laura Fiester                                          
    Elementary School Counselor
    Contact information
    Sullivan County Elementary:  946-7471, option 3
    E-mail address:  fieslaur@sulcosd.k12.pa.us
    Role of the Elementary School Counselor:
    Mrs. Fiester is available to assist students with their academic, social, behavioral, emotional, and career development needs.  Among the services provided are:
    Individual Counseling - Parents or teachers may contact Mrs. Fiester to refer a student for counseling.  Students are encouraged to refer themselves, as well.  Topics that may be explored in counseling are:  making and keeping friends, family issues, academic difficulties, respecting others, classroom behavior, anger management, grief, self esteem, etc.
    Small Group Counseling - Educational support groups are formed on an as-needed basis to address changing families, friendship skills, academic improvement, self esteem, social skills, etc.
    Large Group Developmental Guidance - Mrs. Fiester visits classrooms throughout the school year.  Developmental guidance activities will address topics such as:  the role of the school counselor, safety issues, identifying and communicating feelings, academic success skills, career awareness, peer relationships, resolving conflicts peacefully, anger management, and social skills.
    Bucket Filling Concept - The premise of this concept is that everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds good thoughts and feelings. We "fill buckets" by showing kindness to others.  
    Griffin Greeter Program - Mrs. Fiester runs the Griffin Greeter program, in which a team of sixth grade students are trained to welcome new students to S.C.E.S.
    Consultation to Parents and Staff - Mrs. Fiester is available to provide appropriate resources and information to parents and staff in order to enhance students' academic, social, and emotional growth.  Mrs. Fiester serves on teams and committees such as: Elementary Student Assistance Program team, School Wide Positive Behavior Support committee, Suicide Prevention committee, and Act 48 committee.  
    Crisis Intervention - Mrs. Fiester works as part of a team to make appropriate referrals of children that have problems beyond the scope of the school.