• Children are Like Balloons
    By Dan Gauthier
    Children are like balloons
    with a message inside.  They start out
    small and we inflate them with something of
    ourselves.  As we pour of our lives into them, they
    spread sunshine, give joy, brighten our days, and cheer
    up the sick.  They remind us of being young and that life is
    fragile.  They celebrate living!  When discouraged, they are
    like a balloon that deflates.  A simple openness allows us to
    refill them...with hope for the future, a feeling that they are
    special, and the knowledge that we love them.  Their
    enthusiasm is like a balloon carried on the wind with
    never ending energy.  They sway and drift, it is then
    that they need our guidance, without too much
    pressure that would cause them to burst.
    The time comes, sprinkled with tears
    and joy, when others are able to
    read the message we have
    written on their hearts.
    So we let go and let
    the world have its
    way with our
    !!         !!
    !!        !!
    precious balloons
    ...not the end...
    but truly the