•           As an effort to welcome new students to Sullivan County Elementary School, a “Griffin Greeter” program was established in the 2015-2016 school year.  Several sixth grade students received training to be “Griffin Greeters”, after completing an application process.

    When new students enroll throughout the school year, they are assigned to a Griffin Greeter.  On the new student’s first day, a greeter goes to the new student’s classroom and introduces him/herself.  The greeter checks back at the end of the first day to see how the day went.  On the new student’s second day, the greeter gives the student a tour of the building and explain programs such as the School Wide Positive Behavior Program and Bucket Filling.  A week later, the greeter checks in with the student and gives them a friendly note. 

    Through these efforts, we hope to alleviate some of the anxiety that new students may be facing when starting at a new school building.  Our “Griffin Greeters” are there to help!