•     e.S.A.P. TEAM  (from Parent Handbook)

          The e.S.A.P. team focuses on helping children by removing barriers to learning by using a team approach.  Parents and guardians are a crucial part of the process.  A team member informs the parents that their child may benefit from services the school has to offer, be it academic, emotional, or social support.

       The elementary Student Assistance Program (e.S.A.P.) is behaviorally-based and does not diagnose or treat the child.  Student assistance at both elementary and secondary level is a confidential, voluntary process, requiring parent permission to proceed when personal information is involved.
       Another key aspect of e.S.A.P. is the active collaboration with outside agencies and school personnel.  Drug and alcohol and mental health providers not only provide consultation to school personnel but also can actually sit on the team with school personnel.  The goal of this collaboration is to provide parents with information regarding community resources.  Evaluations are often provided on-site at the school, and confidentiality is a key part of the process. 
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