• Enrollment paperwork for students enrolled in the classes below will be avialable shortly.....

    The following courses are offered as Dual Enrollment with Keystone College.  Keystone Dual Enrollment is for juniors and seniors only.  

    o BIOL 1110:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I 

          4 credits  Sullivan: H.S. Anatomy & Physiology 1 yr.

    o BIOL 1125:  General Biology I - 4 credits

         Sullivan: AP Biology (1st semester)

    o BIOL 1130  General Biology II - 4 credits

         Sullivan: AP Biology (2nd semester)

    o ENGL 1125:  College Writing II:  Writing About Literature 

        3 credits  Sullivan: AP English  

    o MATH 1149:  College Math - 3 credits

         Sullivan: Intro to Statistics

    o MATH 2150:  Calculus I - 4 credits

          Sullivan: AP Calculus

    o PHYS 2110:  General Physics I - 4 credits

         Sullivan: Physics

    o HIST 1130:  US History I - 3 credits

         Sullivan: AP History  (1st semester)

    o HIST 1135:  US History II - 3 credits

        Sullivan: AP History (2nd semester)

    o PSYC 1110:  General Psychology - 3 credits

          Sullivan:  General Psychology

    o POSC 1110:  American National Govt  - 3 credits

          Sullivan: AP U.S. Govt & Politics

    The fee for Keystone Dual Enrollment courses is $100 per credit.
    There is an additional form of paperwork required for participation in Keystone dual enrollment courses. It can be found here

    Although most parents don’t plan on putting money out for college until after their child’s senior year, the dual enrollment program offers a significant savings to a traditional college course, and overall a tremendous savings if a student is able to accumulate enough credits to be the equivalent of a semester, or even two, of college coursework.  (12  to 15 credits is a typical college semester) The program is definitely worth considering.

    Accepting Dual Enrollment credits is at the discretion of the receiving college   Since the program’s inception over ten years ago, most colleges have been very open to receiving dual enrollment credits.  Many SCHS alumni have reaped the benefits, with multiple students completing four year degrees in just three years due to the credits they earned here at the high school.  That amounts to a huge savings in time and money.   However some colleges recently have been putting stricter guidelines in place. Although I have encountered only a very limited number of colleges that have done so,   I encourage students to reach out to the admissions offices of colleges they may be considering to determine what guidelines a college may place on transferring dual enrollment credits.

    If you have any questions about the Dual Enrollment program, please feel free to contact me at the guidance office.