Chapter 339 defines the requirement for a school district to maintain a K-12 Comprehensive Guidance Plan.  The elementary and high school school counselors have worked together to create our '339' plan, documenting academic, social and career counseling goals and activities for students in grades K through 12.   To view the plan, please click on the link below.


    339 Plan - K-12 Comprehensive Guidance Plan


    School Counseling Advisory Board: Supporting the school counselors in the mission as stated in the 339:  

    The mission of the Sullivan County School District Counseling Program, in partnership with parents, teachers, business/community, and post-secondary institutions, is to educate, engage, and empower all students to be life-long learners and responsible citizens that will become productive members of society.  All students will have access to a comprehensive counseling program that will provide proactive support to build the social/emotional, academic, and career skills necessary to cope with life issues, reach their full potential, and lead happy, fulfilled lives by accomplishing their personal goals.