• Welcome to the the SCHS Virtual Art Show!

    We are proud to present the 2020-2021 SCHS Virtual Art Show. This school year has continued to present an abundance of challenges for our school and community. Be that as it may, it is still important to showcase all of the hard work and dedication that our students put into their artworks over the course of this unprecedented school year.

    This year, students individual exhibits are comprised of their top five chosen artworks. Each student's artworks has been judged by a panel of community artists, and monetary prizes ranging from $125 - $30 will be awarded for 1st - 10th place for individual displays. The annual Choice of Show was also chosen by the Sullivan County Council on the Arts, with the winner receiving a $250 payment for the artwork and a spot in the SCHS permanent art collection. The results are as follows:


    1st - 10th Place Individual Displays:

     1st place – $125 prize: Zoe Pedro
    2nd place – $100 prize: Colton Pretti
    3rd place – $75 prize: Emily Geist
    4th place – $50 prize: Paige Burke
    5th place – $25 prize: Kyler Burke
    6th place – $25 prize: Colby Heaton
    7th place – $25 prize: Chris Hill
    8th place – $25 prize: Karlee Wettlaufer
    9th place – $25 prize: Kailee Vest
    10th place – $25 prize: Lyndsay Smith


    S.C.C.A. 2021 Choice of Show Award



    Zoe Pedro

    Artist: Zoe Pedro


    To interact with the show, move your mouse over the artwork and click the "<" and ">" symbols that appear to browse the individual exhibits. Click the "i" symbol in the upper left corner of the artwork for information about the artist, title, and medium.


    Individual artist displays are located below each artist's name:

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