• This Week's Agenda  

    Jan 9 - 13

    Monday: Lesson 3.5 Review  Homework:  Work on Review Assignment

    Tuesday: Lesson 3.5 Quiz   Homework:  Study Notes   

    Wednesday:  Lesson 3.6 on Inverse Functions Homework:  Review Notes

    Thursday: Finish Lesson 3.6  Homework:  3.6 Worksheet

    Friday: Lesson 3.6 Review  Homework:  Review Notes


    Jan 16 - 20

    Monday:  Unit 3 Review  Homework:  Review Notes

    Tuesday:  Unit 3 Review Homework:  Review Notes and Prepare for Unit 3 Test

    Wednesday:  Unit 3 Test  Homework:  None

    Thursday:  Lesson 4.1 on Angles   Homework:  Lesson 4.1 Worksheet 1

    Friday:  Continue Lesson 4.1 on Angles Homework:  Study Notes/Reference Angles



    Jan 23 - 27

    Monday:  Finish Lesson 4.1 on Reference Angles   Homework:  Study Notes

    Tuesday:  Lesson 4.2 on Trigonometric Ratios  Homework:  Finish Guided Notes  

    Wednesday:  Continue Lesson 4.2      Homework:  Special Right Triangles Worksheet  

    Thursday:  Finish Lesson 4.2   Homework:  Lesson 4.2 Worksheet  

    Friday:  Review Lessons 4.1 - 4.2    Homework: Finish Review and Study for Quiz on Monday




    If you are looking for more information regarding Mr. Kelsey's Trigonometry/Algebra 3 class, please check out his google classroom page using the link below. The Weekly Agenda is posted every Monday morning at 8:00 AM and you can also access the information from previous weeks as well. If you do not have access to google classroom, please reach out by emailing.  kelsaust@sulcosd.k12.pa.us

    TRIG/ALG3 Google Classroom Page