• Laura Fiester - K-6 School Counselor

    I am here to help our students in school, and our students learning at home!  Don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of assistance to your family.  I have resources available in the tabs to the left, and I'm here to help.  

    Email address:  fieslaur@sulcosd.k12.pa.us

    Phone number:  (570) 946-7471, option 3

    Students may fill out a form to meet with me via their Google Classroom.


    Google Classrooms

    I have created a google classroom for every homeroom in the building.  All school counseling lessons will be posted there, as well as a variety of resources for the students to reference at any time.  The links to the google classrooms are below.  Please note, however, this link will only work if your child is a member of the class and using their Sullivan account.

    K Devlin     K Peterman

    1 Snyder     1 Strain

    2 Foust      2 Myers

    3 Denmon   3 Holcombe    3 Merrell 

    4 Wettlaufer    4 Walker

    5 Lambert   5 Ledger

    6 Burgett     6 Freeborn     6 Geist


    Virtual Calming Room

    A virtual calming room is a place where you can explore, enjoy, and learn techniques for calming down and managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can be productive problem solvers.  When our emotions are high, it becomes difficult to think clearly and make good choices.  By calming our body, our thoughts, and our emotions, we can think more clearly and make choices that are helpful!  Please remember to use your guidance google classroom for more specific calming activities and coping skills.  Also, you can fill out the form to speak with the school counselor if you need to problem solve and develop coping strategies.  Click Virtual Calming Room to try.



    Mindful Schools created ten free mindfulness lessons for kids!  They offer 30 minutes of mindfulness with fun and interactive activities for kids.  They posted recordings of completed classes on their website.  Give it a try at Mindful Schools.


    Bucket Fillers

    Remember to practice doing kind things for others!  Listen to the author of Have You Filled A Bucket Today? read her book here.

    Bucket Fillers .


    Social Emotional Lessons

    Click here for a PDF packet of social emotional learning activities.

    Click here to sign up for Jesse Lewis Choose Love Lessons for Children and Parents!

    A counselor on one of my online counselor groups gave permission to share these wonderful activities:

    SEL at Home K-2

    SEL at Home 3-5


     Managing Worries

    Feeling worried?  Click here to visit the "Worry Warrior" videos with Counselor Keri to learn coping skills.



    Explore a career you're interested in on PA Career Zone.  Click on the search box in the upper right corner and learn about possible careers.  Play around on the site and explore!