• As of January 1, 2009, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, under Governor Edward G. Rendell, requires government agencies, including school districts, to comply with the new regulations as set forth by the Right-to-Know Law Act 3 of 2008. The new law fundamentally changes the way people access public records of their government, and the way government processes those requests. The Sullivan County School District always works to comply with its Public Records Policy and the Right-to-Know Law. To obtain public records from the Sullivan County School District, please download the "Form" to the left of the web page and fill it out in its entirety. Mail or Email the form to the RTK Officer noted at the bottom of this page. We will work to honor your requests as set forth under the law.

    File a Request Form
    The Right-to-Know Law requires the Office of Open Records to create a Uniform Request Form that must be accepted by all Commonwealth Agencies. To request information, under the Right-to-Know Law, from the Sullivan County School District, you must download the following PA Standard Right-to-Know Request Form.

    Contact Information
    The Right-to-Know Law requires that each government agency appoint a RTK (Right-to-Know) Officer. The Right-To-Know Officer will be the assigned person to receive Right-to-Know requests submitted to the Sullivan County School District; direct requests to the appropriate persons within the district or to the appropriate person in another agency; track the District’s progress in responding to requests; and to issue interim and final responses under the act. 

    Public Records Policy
    In accordance with the law, please click on the left of this web page for files to review the Sullivan County School District's Open Records Policy as set forth by the Board of School Directors.

    The public has a right to access and procure copies of public records, with certain exceptions, subject to law, Board policy, and administrative regulations.
    The Open Records Officer is the Business Manager, Mr.  Douglas Lindner.  Please direct the requests to the Business Manager at the following address:  Sullivan County School District,777 South Street, PO Box 240, Laporte, PA  18626.  You may appear in person or mail your request to the above address.  Also, you may fax the request by using this number:  570-946-8210 or email  the Open Records Officer at this address:  RTKLrequests@sulcosd.k12.pa.us .  Oral and anonymous requests will not be processed. 
    All requests must include the following:
         1.  Identification or description of the requested record, in sufficient detail.
         2.  Medium in which the record is requested.
         3.  Name and address of the individual to receive the district's response.
    A form is available in this section.
    Fees for copies of public records are minimum.  They are:  $.10 a page plus postage.  If the request exceeds $100, prepayment will be required.    Checks or money orders shall be made payable to the Sullivan County School District.
Last Modified on August 16, 2022