• Using the following procedures will help you through the application process. 
    Use of School Facilities application is available on the district web site, as well as at each school. 
    Applications must be submitted one month before event.
    Complete the application and include a certified insurance form in the amount of $1,000,000.00 single occurrence; be sure to verify availability with the school principal and obtain signatures from the school principal and athletic / extra curricular director for approval.  Your application and certificate of insurance will be forwarded to the District Office.
    Sullivan County High School, Mrs. Lynn Eberlin, Principal      
    749 South Street, PO Box 98, Laporte, PA  18626
    Phone - 570-946-7001   Fax - 570-946-5070
    Sullivan County Elementary School, Ms. Samantha Kahler, Principal
    767 South Street, PO Box 115, Laporte, PA  18626
    Phone - 570-946-7471   Fax - 570-946-4272
    Sullivan County High School, Katie Hyatt, Athletic / Extra Curricular Director
    749 South Street, PO Box 98, Laporte, PA  18626
    Phone - 570-946-7001    Fax - 570-946-5070
    Sullivan County School District, Mr. Douglas Lindner, Superintendent
    777 South Street, PO Box 240, Laporte, PA  18626
    Phone - 570-946-8200   Fax - 570-946-8210
Last Modified on December 1, 2023