• 5th and 6th grade Math

    An email was sent out to all students at the beginning of the week, Monday 3/15, with 2 attached math packets to work on and complete during the next two weeks. If your child cannot access their GMail account from home please notify me and we can discuss how to get review work to your child. 

    Check out the live weekly homework tab for suggested work to complete each day. This is a live document and always changing when I update it. Information and material to work on next week, 3/23 to 3/27, will change and be updated this weekend. If you cannot see this live document send me a request. Your child can also log-in to their google account and access the document instantly. 

    Practicing math skills are essential, especially during these core years.  

    Get More Math

    Get More Math has been updated with amounts of skips and refined mixed review skills.

    Usernames are the beginning of emails and passwords are lunch numbers. 


    Have students sign-in to their Google account on the device they are using. Then when on the Prodigy sign-in page click the sign-in with Google button to access their accounts. 

    Khan Academy

    This week I sent out Khan Academy requests to students through their Gmail mail. Encourage your child to except the request. The second week we will be using Khan Academy for review videos to get a refresher. Assignments will be on Khan Academy for practice. If the invite did not get delivered or go delete please contact me and we will work it out. 



    Document Print-outs

    Rhonda Blasi sent the following message to the school and I wanted to forward it to all the parents also.

    "The Dushore Center is happy to print school work for kids without printing capabilities. It would be as simple as families or teachers emailing the gmail account we started then the family picking up the items. This may help the kiddos who might not be able print or those without the internet. Just looking for a way to help. The instructions are on our FB page. Thank you!"




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