• Overview of Sullivan County School District Fire Response

    The company Servpro was called to assist with the fire cleanup that started in the High School auditorium.  Details of the cleanup by Servpro are as follows:

    The High School area was heavily affected with soot evenly throughout the building.  The Elementary and District Office also showed visible signs of soot as well as odor.  Approximately 170K square feet was affected.

     Items Completed by Week 1 (May 29 – May 31)

    • Set up containment between areas of the school to minimize cross-contamination
    • Set equipment for air filtration and odor control and minimize cross-contamination due to the possibility of re-entry to the building by teachers and students
    • Extraction of excess water in auditorium and equipment set to begin stabilizing the structure
    • Contacted subcontractors to assist with needed portions of the job – Electronics cleaning, scaffolding, repairs
    • Set up a command post and staged Servpro equipment and supplies
    • Began cleaning of District Offices to allow these areas to be used by School Staff

     Week 2 (June 3 – June 7)

    Planning was conducted between Servpro and School District to coordinate previously scheduled electrical and parking lot work (paving) being conducted at the school with Servpro’s work efforts.

    • Large trailer like containers began to arrive for storage of contents
    • Plans were made with District Office to ensure elementary side was ready for summer school July 8th
    • Servpro conducted an initial cleaning on High School hallways and common areas to reduce cross-contamination
    • Contents packaging was completed in 35 class rooms and storage rooms
    • Electronic cleaning needs and scaffolding were assessed and cleaning of server room took place
    • Servpro Representatives attended School Board meeting on June 4th to explain their process
    • A list of items to be retrieved was given to Servpro and contents were delivered to the Superintendent’s Office

     Week 3 (June 11 – June 14) – Cleaning continued for building/classroom contents and as well as taking packaging contents to trailer.  Several chairs in the auditorium were test cleaned and deemed that upholstery would need to be replaced due to damage from the fire.


     Items completed week 3

    • Servpro began cleaning large items such as desks and tables
    • Trophies and art work in hallways were packaged, labeled, and boxed for safekeeping
    • Contents in lockers were individually packed out and labeled
    • Lockers were cleaned
    • Contents from 46 rooms were moved to trailers
    • Ceiling tiles from 31 rooms were removed

      Week 4 (June 17 – June 21)

     Items completed week 4

    • Floor protection was set up in the High School gymnasium for powered equipment to reach and clean the joist system
    • Cleaning of High School library and contents as well as removal of ceiling tiles was completed
    • Ceiling tiles were removed in 4 classes
    • Structure cleaning was completed in 29 classes
    • Contents were cleaned in 15 classes

    Week 5 (June 24 – June 28)

    The pick-up dates and procedures of student locker contents was discussed and planned with Superintendent Patti Cross and Servpro. 

    Items completed week 5

    • Remaining large items such as desks, chairs, file cabinets, and tables were cleaned
    • Contents were packaged and boxed in 2 rooms
    • Contents from 3 rooms were moved to storage pods
    • Structure was cleaned in 15 rooms, including wood and metal shops and boiler room
    • Contents were cleaned in 7 rooms

     Week 6 (July 1 – July 3)

    Auditorium work was started.  The electrical unit was removed from the stage area and stored.  The stage platform and wooden floor had to be removed because it was not salvageable.  A portion of the subfloor of the stage immediately surrounding the source was removed due to heavy charring caused by the fire. 



     Items completed week 6

    • Auditorium
    • Detached and removed electrical panel where fire started. 
    • Removed platform on top of the stage.
    • Removed and disposed of wood floor and nails from subfloor of stage.
    • Removed metal trim around back perimeter of stage and set aside for cleaning.
    • Inventoried, photographed, and disposed of unsalvageable content behind the stage area.
    • Began removal of carpet and glue down pad.
    • Samples were taken of removed carpet and wood floor on stage


    • Cleaning of the elementary building
    • Far wing of elementary side structure was cleaned for summer school.
    • Ceiling tiles were removed in 5 rooms
    • Contents were cleaned in 6 rooms
    • Structure was cleaned in 16 rooms

     Week 7 (July 8 – July 12)

    Servpro removed remaining content from gym lockers that were locked with school officials present in preparation for content pickup.  Seats in the side sections of the auditorium were removed to make room for scaffolding footprint.  Work continued on elementary side of the building which consisted of the removal of ceiling tiles as well as the cleaning of the building and all of its contents.

    Items completed week 7

    • Removal of side sections of auditorium seating
    • High School gym was prepared for equipment delivery Monday July 15th.
    • Ceiling tiles were removed in 8 rooms
    • Structure was cleaned in 8 rooms
    • Contents were cleaned in 9 rooms

     Week 8 (July 15 – July 19)

    Scaffolding setup began in the auditorium therefore seats from the middle section had to be removed.  Lift equipment was delivered for use in the High School gymnasium and cleaning of the ceiling bar joists began in the gym.  Final dates for the student locker item pick up will be at the beginning of this week. 

    Items completed week 8

    • Detached and removed middle section of seats due to scaffolding requirements.
    • Set up of scaffolding began and is estimated to be complete in 1 week
    • Contents were cleaned in 6 rooms
    • Structurer was cleaned in 2 rooms
    • Lift equipment was delivered and staged with harnesses to clean the gym ceiling  

    The paving project of the parking lot has also started.  This project is projected to take approximately 6 days to complete as well as an additional week to cure as well as painted lines with the final completion anticipated to be July 31.

    Current Status

    Servpro is on track to have this project completed by the start of school

    The High School Auditorium is starting demolition.  It will be under demolition at the start of school therefore it will not be available once school starts.

    Here are the “knows”:

                School will start on time:     *Teachers’ First In-Service Day will be Monday, August 19

                                                                *Student’s First Day will be Thursday, August 22 

                                                                *Sports Preseason will start Monday, August 12

                                                                  (coaches will be making contact with teams)

                The Builds are clean and free of smoke odor and soot

    The District and Servpro has taken all precautions to ensure a safe environment for students and staff