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    Junior High Chorus

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    Jason Sandonato       sandjaso@sulcosd.k12.pa.us


    Description – Vocal Music


    As choral director, my responsibilities are to train vocal students in the art of singing so that they can produce a beautiful unrestricted tone. As general music instructor, my duties are to encourage students to incorporate music into their lives, making it something they can use after they graduate.

    Description – Instrumental Music


    As band director, my job is to motivate instrumental music students, and to teach them technique, how to produce a clear rich tone, read music, and count rhythms. It is my hope that every student between grades 5-12 will try playing an instrument. The benefits of teamwork, reading, writing, math computation, hand-eye coordination, and music appreciation are all fulfilled in the band setting and students display leadership, motivation, and self discipline. Playing an instrument is fun, and it is also educational.